Game 1: "The Necromancer's Crypt", 9/13/2009

[G1.1] In our first game, the party chose to delve into the standard dungeon that comes basic with the game. The party consisted of the barbarian, who carried the lantern, the witch hunter, saber and pistol in hand, and the wizard, spells and powers all charged up and ready for battle. Each would prove very important in their own way, particularly the barbarian and the wizard. We would also learn quickly that it is the foolhardy and casual dungeon crawler that does not show the proper respect for the denizens of the deep that gets its collective butts handed to them!

The party first navigated the green room, which was the first room of the dungeon. A small band of skeletons was fought and defeated. The wizard's healing powers proved to be invaluable, as the party was wounded several times by the skeleton's attacks. The witch hunter found himself afraid of the skeletons in this battle and was of limited use in this encounter.

The party moved on to the red room, in which a dwarf carrying a key was found. The barbarian took the key and the party moved on to the T-intersection. The party headed down the hallway to the right, and had various successful encounters in the passageway.

[G1.2] At one section of the corridor, the party found themselves in battle with a horde of skeletons. While in battle with the skeletons, the party's raucous battle caught the attention of a wandering band of ghouls, who took notice of the commotion and decided to join the fracas, hoping to get a taste of man-flesh. The barbarian dispatched two ghouls, and the rest seeing their comrades so quickly hacked down decided to flee. The party, with the help of the wizard, healed their wounds and continued down the corridor.

[G1.3] Here we see a close-up of the party in the battle with the skeletons and ghouls. The barbarian swings his axe with a thunderous battle-cry as he dispatches two ghouls near him.

Once the ghouls and skeletons are defeated, the party continues down the corridor, and to their complete disappointment, the corridor ends in a dead-end. The party had made the wrong turn at the T-intersection off of the red room, and now had to travel back down the corridor to go left, hopefully towards the objective room and to success!

[G1.4] No sooner had the party gotten to the T-intersection and peered into the darkness to see the next area, did they find what they were looking for - the objective room. The 1st level adventurers peered timidly into this dark room, containing staircases on either side, that lead up to a landing that contained a cauldron of bubbling brown goo. The barbarian, witch hunter, and wizard strode single-file up the south side corridor, seen here, when they discovered they were not alone. A party of skeletons showed up, and quickly took to both sides of the objective room to both confront the adventurers head-on, as well as attempt to flank them from the other side of the objective room. Unbeknownst to the adventurers, a dark and evil necromancer stayed hidden at the top of the objective room, waiting for his time to strike the party down!

[G1.5] The barbarian charged up the stairs to meet the skeletons head-on. The witch-hunter and the wizard took off to the right, to confront the skeletons coming down the other side of the objective room, hoping to do a flanking maneuver of their own. The first few skeletons went down without too much trouble. However, just behind the skeletons were mummies - who seriously outclassed the level one adventurers. Not only were the adventurers now in hand-to-hand combat with enemies that were greater than they, but the necromancer stepped out of the shadows and began to work his foul magic. In no time, the necromancer had cast soul-drain on the witch hunter, and drained his health to near zero. In the following turn, the barbarian was hit hard by the mummies, wounding him considerably. The wizard cast spells to support the witch hunter on the right side of the objective room, but no sooner had the wizard dispatched two skeletons had the necromancer summoned even more.

[G1.6]Now outnumbered, outgunned, and seriously wounded, the party members began to re-evaluate their situation. The re-evaluation became reality when the barbarian, after being locked in hand to hand with a mummy for a 2nd turn, was soul drained by the high-level necromancer in the magic phase, and killed. With the barbarian down, the remaining adventurers took stock of their situation and decided that a hasty retreat was in order!

The witch hunter and the wizard dashed down the corridor, past the body of the barbarian, and dove into the adjoining T-intersection. No enemies found in the T-intersection, they took a right towards the door to the red room, doing their best to flee the dungeon with their lives. As they entered the red room, from the shadows jumped a host of skeletons, surrounding them on all sides. After a valiant attempt to fight, the wizard, already wounded, was slain by the skeletons. Seeing his demise, the witch hunter dove head-long and suicidally into the remaining mob of skeletons, hacking and slashing like a man with nothing to lose! Alas, there was no respite for the last remaining wounded warrior, and the rust-pitted blades of the evil skeletons took purchase on the witch hunter and brought about his demise as well. The entire party had been killed.

Thus, in the first battle played by the team, we learned a healthy respect for the denizens of the dungeons. After having our collective butts handed to us one time, we were slightly more cautious and understood the rules of engagement a bit more for our next encounters!

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