Game 2: "The Lair of the Beast Men", 9/13/2009

[G2.1] After licking our wounds and dusting ourselves off from our first encounter, we decided to start afresh with a new party and a new battle plan. We improvised a beast man dungeon from the basic encounter rules. We assumed all beastman encounters were at 50% normal enemies numbers, with all other encounters at 75% due to us having only 3 players. The players were the Barbarian in the lead, the Elven Wardancer, and the Warrior Priest as magic and healing support.

In our first encounter in the room, the party performed admirably, until the Wardancer was torn to shreds byn a pack of giant rats. Deciding that this was a bad start, they went back to town and picked up the Wardancer's twin sister, who was more than happy to join the party for adventuring. After going a few feet into the dungeon, there was a cave-in, blocking their escape. They new party was now committed to the path ahead of them.

[G2.2] The warrior priest found a bag of gold on a dead body in the room, and proceeded to through the door into a hallway. The party stumbled upon a group of 2 beastmen in the hallway, and the barbarian and the wardancer elf dispatched them in short order. After the barbarian peered into the darkness with his lantern, they could see that there was a room to their left. The party decided to continue exploring forward to see what they might find. The barbarian lead the party forward to peer down the corridor to see what was next.

[G2.3] The party found a long, narrow room ahead of them, and decided to enter. The barbarian was immediately attacked by a pack of hungry scorpions. The barbarian killed many of the scorpions, and the rest took their bites of the stalwart warrior and scuttled back off into the darkness. The room was otherwise empty. The party then continued through the door at the end of the long room. They entered a quiet corridor... almost too quiet!

[G2.4] At the end of the corridor, the party saw a door on the north side of the end of the long hallway. They entered cautiously, only for the barbarian to be suddenly attacked by eight bloodthirsty giant rats! The barbarian performed magnificently, killing all but 2 of the vile creatures. The Wardancer then dived into the fight, dispatching the remaining 2 giant rats with efficiency. The L-shaped room was now eerily quiet. The warrior priest blessed the party and healed the wounds of the warriors, and they bravely marched forth.

[G2.5] Through the next door, the party moved into the green room, which was deathly quiet. The party crept up to the next door, which turned out to be the entrance to the objective room.

[G2.6] Opening the door to this room revealed the objective - a large room with a portal on the far side. From the portal came several angry beastmen warriors, intent on disecting the adventurers. The portal would spew forth monsters until it was sealed by the magic of the warrior priest. The portal opened and 6 beastmen came charging forth to battle with the party. The party elected to stay inside the green room and fight off the beastmen through the door, as they could only attack 2 at a time and not flank the party. This was a wise move, as the beastmen are tough individually, and if allowed to attack in numbers would surely have vanquished the party.

[G2.7] The party battled bravely. Blows were dealt across the doorway and both beastman and adventurer were hit and wounded. The Wardancer and the barbarian dealt solid blows against the tough beastmen, wearing them down. The warrior priest healed the adventurers, keeping them in the battle. At one point, additional beastmen appeared behind the adventurers as well, in which time the party focused their attacks on the the beastmen in the room. Eventually the beastment inside the room were defeated, even one by the warrior priest with his magical hammer! The warriors then focused their attacks on the beastmen trying to gain entrance to the green room, and slowly but surely the party defeated the beastmen. (Side note - in an alternate reality, at one point a Minotaur showed up and slayed the entire party - but that was a *dream* that was rewound and forgotten in order for the game to continue...)

[G2.8] The adventurers, having slain the beastmen, moved into the objective room towards the portal on the rough alter. This was now the time for the warrior priest to use his magic to try to seal the portal. On his first attempt he failed, and the portal responded by belching forth a searing jet of magic fire, slightly singing some of the adventurers. On another attempt, the warrior priest was successful, and the gate was forever sealed!

After this the warriors collected their treasures and headed back to town to prepare to adventure another day.

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