Game 3: "Find the Orb of Chalsidar", 9/26/2009

[G3.1]We begin the adventure with the party traveling to the dungeon. Through many travels and weeks, and through many random side adventures that we will not detail here, the party arrives at the evil Dread King's dungeon to locate the fabled Orb which is fabled to have the power to trap the dead overlord's soul, banishing him from the realm of the living for all time.

The party consisted of the Elf Ranger (female wearing red, with wings), who for this adventure was in the lead and held the lantern, the Witch Hunter (male with armor with large sword and holy symbol), and the Imperial Noble (blue and white long coat with pistols). All adventurers are starting out at level 1 afresh. This is the first part of 5 in a campaign to destroy the Dread King's power from this realm for eternity.

We see here the adventurers starting by entering the dungeon atop a craggy rock, and descend into the dungeon from there. As they enter the dungeon, a Pit of Dispair opens before them. The witch hunter chose to stare into the pit hoping for treasures, but found himself transfixed for some time. The Imperial Noble found himself staring into the pit, and henceforth found himself luckier than ever (gained 1 permanent luck point). The elf ranger thought best not to gaze into the pit.

[G3.2]The elf ranger and the imperial noble trudge forth to investigate the dungeon while the witch hunter remained transfixed by the Pit of Dispair. Along the way the two adventurers found a T-intersection, which they entered. As they entered, a Tomb Guardian appeared (tough skeleton creature), and the party attacked.

After a tough battle, the elf and the noble defeated the tomb guardian. At this point the witch hunter shakes off the intent gaze into the Pit of Dispair, and joins his comrades moving forward in the dungeon. The party moves down the left hand side of the corridor, and peers into the darkness to see a room. The room is a great green room, and the party ventures forth.

[G3.3]As the party enters the great green room, they are immediately attacked by a group of giant spiders. The party fights off the attackers to the last and are no worse for wear. However, in the distance, they hear a strange, cackling laughter. Unnerved, the party looks about and realizes the magical Laughter of the Damned has been enchanted there to test their resolve. Bravely the adventurers shrug off the psychotic echoing laughter, and trudge forth. The team finds a doorway on the north side of the room (pictured), and they move towards this exit.

[G3.4]Exiting the great green room, the party finds a long, narrow corridor that contains rocky "pedastals" allowing them to pass the molten lava below. Carefully the party crosses the lava field on these rocky pedastals to safety on the other side. As they cross, they are again attacked by two tomb guardians (pictured)! The party steels themselves for battle and find that none are afraid to take on the skeleton.

One tomb guardian begins by hitting the witch hunter hard, who will need to heal himself next turn if he is to survive! The witch hunter fires his pistol and misses. The rest of the party attacks, all misses. The next round, the witch hunter attacks with his Obsidian sword (found in the adventures leading up to this dungeon), which has the magical property of being able to destroy armor. The rear tomb guardian's chain armor is destroyed and is now a much easier target for the rest of the party! The party continues to attack the tomb guardians, including a well-placed shot by the Imperial Noble, bringing one tomb guardian down to 1 wound remaining. The witch hunter smites the wounded tomb guardian, leaving one remaining. The elf ranger then casts The Blades of Aenaerian, magical flying blades, which cut down and destroy the last of the tomb guardians. The party pauses a while to rest up, reload their pistols, and heal themselves before moving on.

[G3.5]The party, now fully rested and healed, marches forward, the objective of finding the Orb of Chalsidar still on their minds. The party finds a wide, L-shaped corridor continuing after the lava pedastals room, and moves forward. Taking a left at the bend in the L-shaped corridor, the party finds themselves continuing to move east down the long corridor after the great green room (pictured). As they proceed cautiously down this corridor, a strange glow and a feeling of unease surround the party. The hallway has somehow triggered a Curse of Years spell, and time seems to move very slowly as the party now seemingly trudges down the endless corridor. As the curse passes, two party members seem to find themselves permanently affected (and for the better!). The Imperial Noble and the Witch Hunter find that they both have increased by 1 toughness and D6 wounds permanently. There was much rejoicing!

[G3.6]After surviving the Curse of Years in the last stretch of corridor, the party peers forward to see another T-intersection (pictured). The party moves to the north branch of the T-intersection to peer down that side of the corridor. They can peer into the hallway, and see that the hallway continues to the north, but ends in a dead-end (hint for future adventures, special rule for secret passages?). As the party tries to head back down the other way of the passage, they are startled by an attack by a giant spider!

The giant spider struck fear into the adventurers as it reared up and attacked the party members. The elf ranger, who was blocking melee attacks of the witch hunter, tries to unpin herself so that the witch hunter can get into the action. She is successful, and now all of the adventurers are in hand to hand in the narrow T-intersection. The party's attacks do minimal damage. The giant spider attacks the Imperial Noble, and wounds him slightly. In addition to the wounds, the noble finds himself encased in sticky webs, disabling him from attacking the next round. The Witch Hunter swings his obsidian blade, and destroys the integrity of the giant spider's chitonous carapace, making it easier for the rest of the party to damage the foul arachnid. The elf ranger's sword found purchase and wounded the spider again. The noble frees himself from the webbing, and draws his pistol to fire, but misses. The witch hunter follows suit and pulls out his pistol and fires as well, to no avail. The spider attacks again, but misses. The elf ranger again attacks with her Blades of Aenaerian, and does minimal damage. The witch hunter casts healing on the noble, bringing him back into the fray. In the next turn, the witch hunter swings his obsidian sword and strikes down the giant spider, and the party all give forth a collective sigh of relief.

[G3.7]The party spends a bit of time healing and reloading, and then heads south down the other side of the T-intersection they are in. As they approach the end of the intersection, the elf ranger peers into the darkness and gapes in astonishment - the objective room has been found! As the party peers into the distance, they can see the light of the Orb of Chalsidar radiating and illuminating the black-and-white checkerboard room. Through the deathly pale glow they can also see the creased and evil faces of the Orb's guardians - the evil necromancer Gunther Laronshelb and his snivelling but dangerous companion Luthor. The necromancer is also surrounded by his unholy undead henchmen - 2 skeleton warriors with spears. The party steels their courage and prepares to battle to win the orb.

[G3.8]The elven ranger gives a bloodthirsty cry and charges headlong into the room, making a beeline for the wretched Luthor, the hunchback assistant. The elven ranger feels the icy grip of fear as she charges in, but does not stop her from her attack. The rest of the party hangs back, and takes careful aim with pistols. The elven ranger attacks the hunchback, dealing a solid blow but the hunchback remains in the battle. The noble and the witch hunter both let fly a hail of lead into the attacking skeletons, killing them both! The necromancer, enraged by the attack, casts the Hand of Death on the attacking elven ranger, reducing the elf's number of attacks by 1.

[G3.9]The party now faced the necromancer and the hunchback alone. Not to be outdone by the sure shots of her compatriots, the elven ranger casts The Blades of Aenaerian, slicing the hunchback to ribbons and killing him. The party then descended upon the evil necromancer Gunther Laronshelb, who began backing into the corner, forseeing his fate.

[G3.10]The party members each attack the necromancer, and miss - save for the noble, who wounds the necromancer with a well-placed shot from his dueling pistol. The necromancer tries to get off a spell, but fails. The elf then casts The Blades of Aenaerian, wounding the necromancer only slightly. The witch hunter casts lightning bolts from the crown of sorcery (which he again picked up before the adventure), and did minimal damage. The noble attacks with his mightly gauntlets wielding his rapier (picked up the gauntlets pre-adventure), but misses. The necromancer again fails to wound with his spell, and the elf moves in for the kill and slays the necromancer (pictured).

The party then scouts the room and finds treasure in the form of gold and magical weapons, which they distribute. They also find the Orb of Chalsidar, and procure it before leaving the dungeon and continuing on their campaign.

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