Game 4: "Entrap the Dread King", 9/26/2009

[G4.1] The party, in the previous battle report, had recovered the Orb of Chalsidar from the evil necromancer Gunther Laronshelb and bodyguards. Now, the party is charged with taking that orb to the Dread King's lair in the Twisted Spire, and placing the orb on his massive throne, capturing his spirit and entombing it forever in the orb. In this adventure, the witch hunter carried the orb, and was charged with placing it on the Dread King's throne to capture the evil one's soul forever.

The party started by finding the Dread King's lair, and entered the dungeon. They were immediately greeted by a T-intersection (pictured). The party chose to take the left-hand passage, and peering through the lantern held by the Imperial Noble, saw a raised room with a crumbled staircase leading to it's chamber.

[G4.2] The adventurers carefully scrambled up the steep stair and explored around the small room (pictured). As they looked, a faint ghost appeared. The ghost approached the party not in malice, but in query... "I am fallen warrior... if you give me a sword to complete my kit, I can leave this realm and be at peace". The elven ranger gives the ghost a sword that was stowed in their belongings that was no longer needed, and the ghost left the party each with amulets fully charged with luck for their trouble. With a wave of thanks the adventurers stowed their luck amulets and continued on.

The noble used the lantern to peer into the distance, and to the north they saw a wide corridor stretch into the distance (pictured). They stepped down out of the raised room and moved cautiously into the northbound corridor with no events.

[G4.3] The party moved north down the corridor and came to another door. Peering through the door, they could see a large room with a stream of lava running through it - not enough to bar passage but enough to give any traveler pause who wished to cross it. Before they could make it through the door, two traveling Tomb Guard appeared and attacked the party (pictured)! One confronted the party head-on while the other attacked the witch hunter from behind.

As the tomb guard attacked, the elf ranger found herself gripped with fear of the undead creatures, but chose to battle on anyways. The elf ranger and the noble attack the forward tomb guard, and the elf's strike found purchase while the noble missed. The witch hunter's sword hit his opponent as well. The tomb guards returned blows, wounding both the noble and the witch hunter. The next round the witch hunter healed the noble, keeping him in the battle. All members of the melee missed in the next round. In the next round, the noble and the elf hit for minor damage. The witch hunter uses his obsidian blade to destroy the rear opponent's armor, and deals a devastating blow, destroying the rear tomb guard! The remaining tomb guard retaliates by hitting the nobleman very hard with his rusted sword, bringing the imperial noble to death's door (1 hit left). The noble, still with fight left in him, produces his dueling pistol and aims between the eyes, and fires. The round hits, and nearly destroys the tomb guard, but is not enough to destroy it. The witch hunter dives into the forward melee, and swinging his obsidian sword, fells the the final tomb guardian. As the treasure of the monsters is looted, the nobleman takes possession of the Sword of Ensorceled Iron, replacing his rapier with this new, harder-hitting blade.

Exhausted from the combat, the warriors pause to catch their breath, heal up, reload their firearms, and prepare to stalk into the lava room to the north.

[G4.4] As the players enter the lava room, they see in the corner a grim sarcophagus , with a faint glow of magic and foreboding. The party approach the sarcophagus cautiously, and look at each other before the nobleman decides to open it. As the lid is cracked, dust of the centuries is released in a wheeze of release. The dust settles, and the party looks anxiously into the now open tomb. Inside, the party finds 1200 gold, which the party takes. With a smile of well-earned riches, the party dusts off their armor and looks around for the exit to the room.

To the west, the party finds a doorway that leads them out of the lava room. The noble lifts the lantern and sees that the door leads them into a long corridor, heading north (pictured). The party enters the hallway uneventfully, and heads north.

[G4.5] The party heads down the corridor unhindered. At the end of the corridor, there is another door, which the party looks past to see a great black-and-white checkered room. Gathering their courage, the party agrees to press forth. The Imperial Noble takes the first steps into the room, and is immediately set upon by attackers! The group of attackers is lead by a vile hunchback, and with him he brings two carrion beasts to do as he beckons. The hunchback bades the carrions to attack, and the battle is on (pictured).

The hunchback, being a sneaky git, ambushes the party and wounds the elf ranger. The regular combat rounds starting, the party checks for fear, and decide that none are cowed by the foul carrion, and press forth the attack. The noble swings his mighty Sword of Ensorceled Iron, wounding the carrion beast attacking him. The elf ranger swings her blade and wounds the despicable hunchback. The witch hunter brandishes his obsidian blade and slays the carrion attacking him. One carrion lands a solid blow against the noble and wounds him, and using up all of his luck amulet, fails to rethread the yarn of fate, and settles on the damage dealt him. In the next round, the elf smites the hunchback, who gurgles his last breath spitting up his own blood. The noble makes a mighty swing of his great new sword and beheads the carrion beast that had been plaguing him. After reloading and healing, the party is ready to continue on, being undisturbed by wandering marauders.

[G4.6] After vanquishing the hunchback and his vile carrion pets, the party finds that the door out is to the north. The nobleman uses the lantern to peer forth and discovers that he has successfully lead the adventuring party to their objective - the throne room of the Dread King.

The adventurers inquisitively yet cautiously peered through the doorway, and through the flicker of the lantern could see the cavernous great red room, with the giant granite throne upon which the Dread King had been purported to sit during his reign (pictured).

The adventurers know that the room ahead is their objective, and are certain that the throne does not lay unguarded. They are also aware that whatever evil monsters lie before them must be dispatched quickly and as quietly as possible, as excess commotion or delay may cause the Liche King to awaken and attack.

The party prepares for battle and agrees to move forward to their final objective, the witch hunter with orb in hand, ready to place it on the throne when no monsters are in sight to seal the fate of the Dread King.

[G4.7] The party begins to approach the great red throne room when the monsters lurking within show themselves - 4 ghouls. The party members look at one another, and with confident grins on their faces due to their recent battle-hardening across two adventures, boldly step in to face the monsters.

With confident strides, the imperial noble steps in and with two mighty swings of his Sword of Ensorceled Iron, brings two ghouls low and smites them. The elf, charging in as well, swings at an attacking ghoul but misses narrowly. The witch hunter also moves in and engages in hand to hand combat with a ghoul, impaling the ghoul on his obsidian blade, destroying it. The remaining ghoul attacks the elven ranger, barely scratching her. The elf responds by whirling her blade high, and brings it crashing down on the ghoul's head, cleaving it's skull in twain. The battle is over quickly and effectively, and the party looks to the witch hunter to do his duty with the now glowing Orb of Chalsidar.

[G4.8] The witch hunter, getting the nod of approval from his team mates, moves towards the Dread King's granite throne, Orb of Chalsidar held resolutely before him. As the winds of magic pass over the party, they know that no new monsters will harass their attempts to carry out their mission, and that the Liche King is no where to be summoned on this day. The witch hunter firmly places the orb on the seat of the throne, and with a whirl of magic and light the orb pulses, flashes, then goes dull - the Dread King has been forever sealed inside the orb. The Liche King has been banished!

The party, now relieved that the Dread Liche King has been forever entombed, gathers the treasures within the room, and heads off to back to town for a bit of training and relaxation - the team is feeling much more experienced and is confident that they will be able to take on even more dangerous foes in future encounters.

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